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Name: Zoe Silverman
Grade: First year at Cal
Core Teachers: Erm, all of the above?
Favorite Core Teacher: Wilf, Atkin, Hill, the two Millers, and the inimitable Linn.
Least Favorite Core Teacher: Frame, hands down.
Favorite Unit: Pomo, 12th grade. Once you have taken the linguistic turn you can never go back.
Will you be in Core next year?: Nope, but I kinda teach 11th grade core to Berkeley Alternative students.

If anyone is interested in visiting Berkeley, please don't hesitate to drop me an email and I'll take you out to lunch. I live with Sara LaHue (another Cleveland grad), and we would love to show you around. You can contact me at faemisamis@aol.com. Good luck with apps, all you seniors! And to everyone else: it just keeps getting better. I promise.

PS: If Ms. Gifford is doing The Conquest of New Spain this year, read the entire book. It's a craaaazy trip.
PPS: Someone, please demand a lesson on research papers. It gets very difficult when you actually have to *gasp* create your own question and *gasp* do your own research.
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