Gina (byondbordm) wrote in cleveland_core,

anyone that is using my outline on the last part of question two in social darwinism you are supposed to talk about how fantine was taken advantage of by the different levels of heirarchy of society

bougeoisie (tholymays...having an afair when she thought it was a relationship he has to take on resonsibilities of society)(man with the nice clothes making fun of her just because), bastard class (who was this class, Lord and Madame Thenardier take advantage of the situation when she brings Cosette, mentions that they look like sisters, agrees to take her in, Fantine believes her child is being given adiquit care and really she is like cinderella), which class is more admirable, her own class (the people at work are jealous of her perfection so out of curiosity, tehy decide to find out what is up, go into her personal life and find thaat she has an iligitamate child which causes her to be rejected by society), the law (javert, she is punished for just being a part of this class, jsut because of where she was born into she is automaticallly guilty), social critcism
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